Vision & Mission

The project comprises of
•     a 58m high concrete gravity dam above deepest foundation level,
•     an underground desilting arrangement with two parallel chambers 137.00m x 11.55m x 9.00m in size,
•     a 6028m long, 4m diameter modified horseshoe shaped head race tunnel,
•     a 53m high circular surge shaft of 10m dia,
•     a 284m long underground pressure shaft with main and branch pipes diameter as 3m and 2.05m respectively to        lead water into two units of 35 MW capacity each,
•     housed in an underground power house 17m wide x 51m long x 32m high and a 610m long,
•     4m diameter modified horseshoe shaped tail race tunnel discharging the water into river Ravi.
•     The power thus generated is fed into the Northern Regional Grid through a 18 km long 220 kV Single Circuit line        at 440kV Chamera III Sub-Station